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Spotlight on Natalie Garza, with Womb in Bloom and the services she provides! A Holistic Doula based in Cleveland, Tennessee and serving the east Tennessee areas.

cleveland doula
Cleveland Doula, Natalie Garza

“My home births were the most transformative events I’ve ever entered into in my life. I was so empowered by them that I wanted to share that with other women so they, too, can experience their own power. To be massaged, swaddled, fed nourishing meals, and had herbal baths prepared for me would have set me up with enough confidence to face any postpartum challenge that came my way. I became a doula – a caretaker of women – to give moms in and around my community that encouragement, love, and full pampering. You deserve it.”

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I became a doula – a caretaker of women

Natalie is a Labor/Postpartum Doula, Certified Epi Doula, certified Lactation consultant, certified in Neonatal resuscitation, certified in Womb massage/Belly binding. She is also a certified placenta encapsulation specialist with a certification in Blood Borne Pathogens and certified with the Tennessee Food and Safety Course.

Natalie attends both hospital and home births, and provides post partum services are available as well!

“As everyone navigates to the transition of a new baby I as your doula offer encouragement, advice, guidance and support for the family.  As a Postpartum Doula I make sure moms self care comes first!… Yes, a professionally trained pp doula makes you the priority! This includes your mental and emotional health, your physical healing from birth, and your sleep.

Those needs are often met when a postpartum doula supports another aspect of the family/home. When you feel your baby is taken care of, the kitchen is organized and your lunch is made, your overall well-being has a chance to feel restful and cared for. A postpartum doula tends to what you need, sometimes even without needing direction (as long as it’s within their scope of practice).”

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“My biggest goal as a Holistic Doula is to empower women”

With a more natural and holistic style, Natalie has room for 3 clients per month. She can also take 5 placentas a month. A Holistic Doula will “focus on the many elements of birth; mental, spiritual, emotional, and of course the physical. We use tools and practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, positioning, herbal remedies, exploring your excitement and fears surrounding birth, creating a birth plan etc.

My biggest goal as a Holistic Doula is to empower women and their partners through positive education, to give birth in the most natural way possible. Providing couples the safe space to explore all their options and weigh the benefits and risks of interventions they may be presented with at their time of delivery.”

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A postpartum doula tends to what you need…”
Her biggest piece of advice for expecting moms is: “Hire a doula. She’ll be worth every penny! Make a birth plan, but don’t fully rely on it. While birth is unpredictable, it is important to know what your wishes are surrounding your birth. You also need to prioritize self-care! Take care of yourself or let someone else (ie. postpartum doula) take care of you so you can be present and fully care for your baby. Oh – and drink more water!”
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You can find out more about Natalie on her website, Womb in Bloom. You can also follow her on social media! Facebook and Instagram. You can find a list of package options here, as well as a FAQ section! Contact her now to reserve her services! Click HERE!

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