Why You Need a Mommy and Me Session

chattanooga mommy and me

I see posts on social media all the time: telling dad’s to take the photo, or “pics I take vs pics he takes” and the comparisons are never in our favor! As momma’s, we are so involved with our kiddos every day. But when we start to look back at the pictures, so rarely are we featured along side our babies. We are almost always the ones behind the camera. We were there, we have the memories, but when we are gone, what images will our children be left with? Here is why you NEED a mommy and me session, and the number 1 reason why most mommys put it off.

Sweet Kisses for Mommy

Is that a morbid perspective? Maybe. As a former paramedic, I unfortunately saw death a lot, up close and personal. I’m also old enough to have lost loved ones as an adult. After my mother in law passed, and living through the aftermath, I saw things differently. Trying to find recent photos to share at the funeral and memorial, digging through albums and shoebox after shoebox of loose photos. We found memories, shared laughter, but the struggle to find images of mom was hard. She was always taking the photos. So she was there, but how much did we have to share with our kids, her grand babies?

chattanooga mommy and me
Mommy & me perfection

I think my past career has helped me understand just how important being in front of the camera is. As a mom, I understand a lot of our hesitation can stem from body image issues. At least mine does. Between the fertility treatments and then back to back pregnancies and hormone issues, to say I’ve struggled to lose the baby weight is an understatement. I don’t love the body I have a lot of times, but I don’t let it stop me from taking pics with my littles. I’ve talked with a lot of moms who want to do a mommy & me session, but “after I lose some weight”.

Don’t wait.

Life is not going to wait for you. Our babies are rapidly becoming toddlers, then pre-schoolers, then suddenly graduating elementary school. Don’t let your images with your children be selfies taken with fun and silly filters that distract you from what you don’t like. You are their momma and they love the you they have right now.

My son (8 at the time) saw me working out one day and asked why I was. I told him I wanted to be skinny again. He thought about it for a second and said “hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you skinny.” which stung in the moment. The more I thought on the words, the more impact it had. I have been skinny while he was old enough to remember, but he didn’t care. He doesn’t notice that I’ve lost 40 pounds since the twins were born. He doesn’t see my double chin that I currently have.

He. Doesn’t. Notice. On either side of the spectrum. I’m my children’s momma, and they love me the way I am. So while I still am working on the weight for my own personal and health reasons, I no longer let it stop me from taking pics with my kids. I get in front of the camera.

I prioritize the mommy and me sessions because they are important. You are making memories with your children now, let them have those memories and the images to cherish together. Click Here to book your Mommy & me in the tulips! Limited space available!

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Sweet moments with momma

I am always booking Mommy & Me sessions! (They will forever have a special place in my heart.) To find out more info about a full session or a Limited Tulip Session, click HERE.

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