I think it’s a fair statement that everyone who’s world has been turned upside down by Covid, none has been rocked quite the same way as pregnant women. Pregnancy is already stressful without adding an endless amount of questions and uncertainty into the mix. Today, I’m going to be drawing a lot off of my own experiences of high-risk pregnancy in a Covid world.

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My Covid Twins

When Covid first hit, I was pregnant with the twins, due in May 2020. I was high-risk, which was stressful in and of itself without the covid concerns. In addition, I was struggling with trying to find ways to make this pregnancy feel special (mom-guilt, read more on that here) and was focusing on all the small joys that do come with pregnancy. One minute I was planning a baby shower and coordinating my parents arrival; the next everything was being shut down and there was a rush for toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

No one knew what a nationwide shutdown would look like, and pregnant women across the world quietly panicked. I tried to keep my worrying to an absolute minimum, which was not easy to do. I limited my time on social media and left the moms groups I was in on FB. The information was flowing fast, ever changing, and often incorrect. It varied from state to state, sometimes even county to county.

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Self-portrait while pregnant with twins

As a result, my baby shower was cancelled. My husband wasn’t able to come with me to ultrasounds and drs visits anymore. (He actually never saw them on the ultrasound screen or heard heartbeats- every visit I went to alone.) As my due date loomed closer I began to worry.

Would my husband would even be able to attend delivery with me?

This was the question that every pregnant woman was asking, and no one had answers. Therefore, I did what I encourage EVERY woman to do: communicate with your dr and your hospital. The endless what ifs and unconfirmed rumors that float around social media were enough to cause a panic attack. Stop looking to the internet for your information, stop taking the 3rd hand information from strangers as gospel. Go straight to your best resources and advocate for yourself.

At every check up I asked if anything had changed regarding our delivery experience. She only communicated confirmed facts to me. I called my hospitals labor and delivery department and the recovery department and spoke with the charge nurse for both. These women (and the staff I talked with on the way to speak with these women) were understanding of my concerns. They answered all my questions with as much information as they could. The facts they gave me quieted my mind and eased my anxiety tremendously.

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Izzy & Nomi, born April 10, 2020

At the time of my delivery in April 2020, birthing partners WERE allowed in the room. It did not have to be your significant other, just someone of your choosing. As a precaution, once there, that person had to stay there. Since the coffee shops and cafeteria were closed down, all meals were covered for my husband as well. (For my previous birth, it was only the first meal after delivery) throughout the duration of our stay. I was not allowed to walk the halls prior after delivery except to go to NICU and back. Only one parent at a time was allowed to be at the bedside in the NICU. We were able to take turns with each girl, so they were never without one of us.

I hope that sharing my experiences of delivering in a Covid shutdown has helped you to understand your resources! Above all, do not blindly trust what you read on social media and instead find the truth for yourself. You are not going to bother anyone at your drs office or the hospital by asking questions! Those people are there for YOU and only want what’s best for you and your baby/babies. Today, if you’re struggling with finding peace and the anxiety of what your birth will look like, I encourage you to Elsa that ish! Let it go, deep breath, and contact your dr and hospital.

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