Happily Ever After- A Fairytale Maternity

tennessee fairytale maternity sessions

I think every little girl dreams of being a princess. We watch the movies, read the books, and everything about it just seems so incredibly magical and perfect. A fairytale. Why not embrace the magic and the pregnancy glow and become a princess for your maternity session? A princess for a day. When you have found your happily ever after, shouldn’t your maternity session be a dream come true? A fairytale maternity session.

tennessee fairytale maternity sessions
Someday my prince will come

I have always been fascinated by princess stories. I can scroll for hours on the internet looking at artist recreations and fan art. Will waste even more time taking quizzes to determine which modern-day version of a fairytale princess I would be. When I was talking with Miriam about her maternity and newborn sessions, I had this idea. Her baby boy was going to have a woodland theme, rustic. We were doing her session in a meadow. Something just clicked and I was like, “Hey, would you be ok if I turned you into Snow White for part of your session?” I am so glad that she loved the idea! But, I mean, who wouldn’t be ok with being turned into a princess for a little while??

tennessee fairytale maternity sessions
tennessee fairytale maternity sessions

The Snow White session felt so dreamy and like something straight out of a storybook. I was in love with the concept. And couldn’t stop planning the next one!

My next session was with Ashley. We had an amazing family maternity session planned! (I absolutely LOVE her boys, but that’s a story for a different blog!) I hadn’t met Ashley before, and I knew she wanted a more casual vibe to her session. So I was not entirely sure how well me asking if I could glam her up as a Cinderella for a bit would go over! She did not hesitate! At the end of her session, her family was so awesome and patiently waited for us while mommy played dress up for a little while! This was one of the most fun sessions I have ever done, her boys made me laugh so hard during the shoot! And Ashley was the absolute perfect choice for Cinderella. She completely nailed it!

tennessee fairytale maternity sessions
A dream is a wish your heart makes

Next session I had was with Krysten! I’ve known Krysten for years. She and her sister are some of the biggest Disney fans I have ever met. When I asked if she would be my Belle, I knew she would say yes! What I didn’t know was that Belle is her favorite princess!

tennessee fairytale maternity sessions
Belle and her roses

With Belle, we were able to take it a step even farther! Paul, Krysten’s husband, was super into the idea and wanted to join in the fun as well! (Seriously, best hubby award right here.) We debated between a beast costume or a more modern spinoff idea. I think the latter was the best choice! I had my Beauty and the Beast.

Best. Day. Ever.

3 princesses down, so many more to go!

Next I had Rapunzel! The second I met Alexis, I absolutely knew she would be perfect. Her partner, Kywon, was the one to set up the maternity session. He surprised her with a maternity and newborn session as her Mother’s Day present! They are seriously one of the cutest couples ever. I loved their maternity session. The way he adores her was all over his face! When I asked if she wanted to be a princess, there was no hesitation. And I was right! The perfect Rapunzel!

tennessee fairytale maternity sessions
Everything looks different, now that I see you.
tennessee fairytale maternity sessions

My last princess in this series was Ariel! I knew this one was going to be a challenge! At the time, I lived in the Central Valley of California, about 3+ hours away from the coast. Finding someone willing to be at the coast, at sunrise, I thought was going to be close to impossible! My time in California was coming to an end, and I only had a few weekends left to work with! I had a spur of the moment weekend away planned with my kiddos and a friend. I shared on my Facebook that I was going to be in Monterey and was looking for an Ariel for a sunrise session!

tennessee fairytale sessions
Ariel finds her new favorite thing

Taylor messaged me so fast and was so excited to be a princess! So, SUPER early that morning, she and her husband loaded up their sweet little girl and drove out to the coast! We met just as the sun was lighting up the sky (which is my favorite time for session! I loathe early mornings, but nothing beats a sunrise session.). The sky was dreary (typical for a California coast), a chill in the intense wind, and the water was freezing! But Taylor was a trooper! Even when the water was splashing her legs, and then eventually when she was laying down in the surf, she smiled through it all! Chattering teeth and everything! We had so much fun, and it was a great session! Well worth the cold and the early morning hour!

tennessee fairytale weddings
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has everything?

I had so much fun on this little project! I am so excited to add more to it, still on the hunt for my next princess! (I’m dying for a Tiana and a Merida!) If you could be a princess for a day, who would you be?

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