Planning a Home Birth- What You Should Know.

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It seems like all I read about lately is somehow related to Covid. How things have changed, are changing, and should it be changing? Including labor and delivery stays, and delivering your baby.

There has been a spike in searches for home births and how to do them. A lot of mommas are looking into alternate options to avoid delivery in a hospital. So today, I’m going to dive into this world a little and hopefully answer some questions for you!

There are two main reasons behind the appeal of home birth. Some like the idea to avoid hospitals completely during Covid. Others prefer being able to deliver in a familiar place surrounded by family and loved ones (which is not really an option for a lot of hospitals right now).

Both options seem to give a family more control over their birth plan including pain management, the desire for more control and independence in the delivery overall, lack of transportation to a hospital, and more.
“When the pandemic started I told my husband again that I want to have baby at home and he finally agreed that I should stay home unless we had an emergency and had to go to the hospital. My husbands reasons were that he wanted to reduce the chance that we would be exposed to covid 19.” Joana Arteaga Cernuda

Before making any decision, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor! Communicate your thoughts and concerns with them. If you feel like you cannot openly share your wants, you need a new doctor. Your doctor has your (and your baby’s) safety as the highest priority. You need be able to advocate for yourself and work together! Do not shy away from discussing any issues with your doctor.

There are some conditions that make a home delivery potentially dangerous. Ask your doctor if you have any underlying concerns that would make a home birth inadvisable, such as high blood pressure, pregnancy with multiples, previous c-section, or your baby isn’t settling into a position for a safe delivery. Dive into the why’s and reasons with your doctor! Make sure you always walk away from your visits with your questions answered, not wishing you had more information.

In addition to having a primary doctor in your corner, you should also have an experienced midwife and doula on hand! Your midwife should be a certified nurse-midwife, certified midwife, or an experienced midwife who meets the specific standards the health system.

Your midwife should be able to coordinate care with your OB/GYN, so make sure he/she has access to be able to do so. A doula would be an invaluable asset during a home birth! Because a doula’s focus is on you and provide prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care.

You can meet some of our local doula’s that have been featured on my blog by clicking here!

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Something else to consider is a pediatrician. Your newborn should have their first checkup within 24-48 hours after birth. If you do not have one, your doctor should be able to provide you with a list, and ideally they should be in support of your decision for a home birth.

“After having a midwife for my first baby and a doctor for my 2nd – I personally loved the time I spent with the person who would be delivering my baby (dr barely made it to the birth). Plus midwives come back to your house to follow up and check up on nursing, mom and babies health the day after birth and for a couple weeks after. It’s really well rounded care ❤ That’s the biggest thing for me, is feeling cared for vs feeling like a number.” Lauren Lutz

“I did use both a doula and a midwife for all my births. I found a doula very useful. I would recommend one for any birth. They focus on the mother and what they can do to help. They can also advocate for the mother’s wishes when she can’t do that herself.” Mindy Bosshart

There is a lot to consider when making this decision for you, your baby, and your family. Communication is going to be key for a successful home birth. Make sure that you and birthing team (partner, doula and/or midwife and physician) are all on the same page.

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