From Mommy’s Tummy to Daddy’s Arms

baby and daddy

From mommy’s tummy to daddy’s arms: when Alex tagged me in her IG post with these two images, her caption was absolutely perfect! I had to steal it 😉

When I read it, it was a subtle hit in the feels. “From mommy’s tummy to daddy’s arms”. The imagery and the two photos she selected complemented each other perfectly! Here’s how their journey with me started!

Kywon messaged me one evening to set up a surprise maternity session for Alex. He confided that it was something that she had really wanted to do, but did not think it was going to be in the budget. He knew how much it meant to her and even through emails, I could tell how much he loved her when he spoke of her! That night, we planned it all out, and the next day he brought her to the studio. When they pulled up, she had no idea what was going on! I stepped out and introduced myself and said that Kywon had arranged for her to have her maternity shoot, and that today she was going to be trying on gowns to use for her session!

The surprise and amazement that crossed her face was incredible!

After she selected her gowns, we narrowed down a location and chose the absolutely amazing Shinzen Friendship Garden in Fresno, Ca. It was photoshoot central during our session! Senior sessions, portraits, I even saw wedding photos! But, Kywon & Alex only had eyes for each other, and the love was almost palpable! Everytime Kywon looked at Alex, you could see the love and pride radiating on his face. Alex was literally glowing! She’s already stunning, but pregnancy really looked amazing on her and both were insanely happy.

Maternity session done- next up, waiting for baby Jaxton!

And let me tell you! Alex is one strong woman! Induced at 3 days PAST her due date, Jaxton still didn’t make an appearance until 4 days later! A whole week late! Weighing in at 7 pounds and 21 inches long! When they came to the studio, he was all of 9 days old! Let me tell you, he was deceptively chunky! When I heard 7 pounds, I was not expecting the rolls that this little man had! And SUCH a snuggle buddy!

At one week past is due date, Jaxton was well worth the wait!

Jaxton was such a cool dude, and sleepy! His session was an absolute dream. Every now and then he would wake up and look at me. I did my signature baby soothing move (gently and slowly rub a finger down the bridge of the baby’s nose) and he was out in seconds. And out HARD!

From mommy’s tummy to daddy’s arms, welcome to the world, Jaxton! And congratulations Alex & Kywon! He is seriously one amazingly handsome little guy and I’m so happy I’ve gotten the chance to know all 3 of you.

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