Why Family Heirlooms Make a Newborn Session Unique

Baby T. on a shelf with family heirlooms

How a Fresno Newborn photographer encourages families to bring their heirlooms to newborn sessions for completely unique galleries.

I have a fully stocked closet of props, wraps, headbands, tie backs, outfits, and so much more. (My husband would say too much.) So when families ask if they need to bring anything to their session, my answer is always no. I’ve got you covered! But also maybe yes…

Every newborn session I do is completely customized and unique for each baby. I love taking the time to create a new set up for each session. I am always on the look for something different. So when one of my last clients said they wanted to incorporate some stuffed animals, I was excited. When I found out that they were stuffed animals from when THEY were babies, I was ecstatic!

Baby T. on a shelf with family heirlooms
Baby T. snuggled between his mommy and daddy’s stuffed animals from when they were babies!
My imagination immediately went into overdrive! I imagined baby snuggled up cozy in a wrap and on a shelf with the stuffies nestled close. Momma loved this idea, and a scene for their session was set.

This is one of my favorite images to this day. I love how alert he is and just staring straight at me, family heirlooms tucked along side of him. I love the imagery it shows. The love of a family to preserve the stuffed animals. It shows that they were carefully protected throughout the years until they were lovingly passed on. This completely showcases how using a family heirloom can change the image! I’ve used this set up before, but this image is so unique and special.

I then had another session where my client wanted to create something different together!

When Nolan’s momma said that she wanted to use some antlers from their personal collection, I was so intrigued and excited to create something! This was so cool to work on. (Not going to lie, also more than a little difficult to get the antlers to entwine perfectly to form a circle!) It’s so perfect. Incredibly rustic and totally unique, and fits right in as a large canvas on the walls of their home.

I actually have this image as a canvas in my studio. I love seeing something so amazing! I know each time his parent’s look at their canvas wrap, they will see something special created just for their amazing little man.

Nolan with Antlers
Nolan and antlers from his family’s collection

So when you’re searching through my portfolio, keep this in mind. I have everything you will need for a beautiful gallery. All the wraps, headbands and props. But, a stuffed animal to snuggle close? A bonnet that was once worn by a loved one that maybe has passed on? Those are the things that will MAKE your artwork. Your session should also be about YOU. It should be about your family. Your heirlooms.

Nolan and ball and glove
Put me in, coach! Nolan with a baseball and glove passed on from his daddy

I am a Fresno newborn and maternity photographer. Want to chat about family heirlooms you could bring to a session? Click the link to message me and get the conversation going! https://mellonpatchphotography.com/contact

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