Gender Reveals in a Covid World

Pregnancy during Covid is super weird, and honestly stressful. In a time when stress should be managed and mitigated the most. Regardless of personal beliefs on how dangerous Covid is or can be, it cannot be denied that it has changed pretty much everything about what you thought your pregnancy and having your baby would look like. From ultrasound visits to delivery, nothing is the same and it seems like it changes everyday. Will your partner be able to be in the room? When can grandparents come see their new grandbabies? What about siblings? And with all these huge concerns, it seems almost trivial to worry about baby showers and gender reveals. Does that mean that they aren’t still important to a momma and what should you do?

First off, let me acknowledge that I don’t believe concerns about how to do your gender reveal party are less important than any other exciting moment in your pregnancy! Especially now. Covid has changed our world completely and your birthing plan and pregnancy more than likely looks nothing like what you had envisioned it would be. All of the stress and anxiety that comes with all this uncertainty, in my opinion, makes celebrating every moment, even the seemingly silly ones, beyond important. I firmly support finding joy in every moment that you can! So, if you want a gender reveal party, have one!

Now what that party looks like will likely be different than what you had envisioned prior to Covid, and that’s ok! I had a hard time adjusting to how different my pregnancy with the twins was compared to my first, and I struggled with feeling like their pregnancy was less special because of what I wasn’t able to do for them. What you can do for your party is of course going to be different from state to state, county to county based off of the restrictions, guidelines and mandates, and naturally (insert sarcasm here) those change on the regular as well! The one upside of being quarantined in this day and age is how connected we still can be, even while feeling disconnected. Technology may not be the same as being with your loved ones, but can you imagine going through all this without the benefit of zooms, FaceTimes and more? Embrace the tech, and set up a virtual reveal! The overall “how to announce” of the reveal can still be done much the same way, just with a bigger emphasis on the live streaming side. Stuck on ideas? Google shows a seemingly endless amount of options! Can be as simple as colored frosting inside a cake or cupcakes to confetti inside balloons. Colored balloons inside a box, to a more elaborate set up involving a black light! The only limit is your imagination (and perhaps weather conditions, if you’re leaning more towards the pyrotechnics and live in a drought state… looking at you, California).

I was fortunate enough to be able to capture 2 different gender reveals during quarantine days. Both simple affairs, focusing on the joy of the upcoming baby and good time with friends, in a time when good times seem to be few and far between. Being able to share in a surprise and celebrate was such a boost to everyone’s spirits. A gender reveal party won’t change how different your pregnancy is going to be during Covid, but it might change your anxiety! Find the joys where you can, and celebrate all of them, no matter how small. Gather your loved ones around you in any way you can and celebrate as much as you can.

Baby Girl Craven, coming soon!

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