Parents: Get IN the Pictures!

Many times, my clients opt for their newborn session to be JUST their newborn, And there is nothing wrong with that! I think that there are many reasons for this, ranging from PPD to a new momma dealing with body image issues (trust me- I’ve been there and am STILL there), to finances and opting for a cheaper package. I’m here to say, however, that you should consider actually getting IN the photos with your new baby! Here are my reasons why.

Your newborn is going to grow. Fast. SUPER FAST. As I write this, our little fertility baby is about to turn 2, and our surprise! twins are 8 months. I have been cleaning out their closet and as I do, memory lane hits hard. I remember seeing Ember in these onesies. I remember these onesies being insanely huge on the Isabella and Naomi. Now, they barely fit and I’m deciding if the clothes are going in the give away pile or if it’s a memory outfit to keep. I remember how tiny they all were when they came home, but time has a funny way of tricking us. I hold up a premie onesie and think, “My goodness! Was this really swimming on them!? It’s so tiny!!” If you’re a veteran parent, you know this. You have that distant memory of them teensy tiny, compared to the big girl or boy you see before you. But it really hits you in the feels when you actually SEE that visual representation. That’s a huge reason for my statement of getting in the photos. Those onesies will be packed away. Tiny socks and hats will be hidden from sight. But photos of your precious baby in your arms, seeing just how small their hand was inside yours, how their head fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or how their feet were no bigger than your thumb, is something precious. These memories are a treasure and keepsake.

The next reason is how few and far between parents, particularly mommas, are in photos with their children. I see this on my social media regularly. Memes and gifs, blogs from other mommas, encouraging significant others to take the photos. Our phones are always in our hands or close by it seems, yet we as mommas seem to always be behind the camera, and rarely in front. I think it just doesn’t really occur to most partners to take the photos, and when they do it’s usually unflattering. Let’s be honest here! There’s a whole series of photos comparing images we take of our partners with the kids to what they take. Mommas need to be present in these memories with the kids, too! One of the main reasons why moms choose to not be in photos with their new little ones during the newborn session is self-image issues. Our bodies go through so many amazing changes during pregnancy and is capable of truly incredible things! That doesn’t mean that most of us are happy with how we look after delivery. For a lot of women, myself included, it’s hard to get in front of the camera. My promise to mommas in studio is this. I will never position you in a bad angle! I have been trained to pose properly, highlighting your best features, and showcasing your precious baby in arms. I have gowns and dresses available as well, to help you feel put together and polished without stressing about what to wear for this photoshoot.

The final reason for me is a trigger warning, so if these reasons are more than enough, you can stop here and not go past this photo.

My final reason for actually getting in the photos with your newborn is in the event of a tragic accident. It’s something no one wants to talk about and is a painful subject, of course. But in the event of SIDS, an accident involving the death of a partner, or some other heartbreaking and horrible loss, these images are even more cherished. If the photos are the only professional ones taken, the importance of a parent actively being in the photos cannot be overlooked.

So, parents, get in the photos. Cherish these moments, as they will be memories before you know it.

Have you booked your newborn session yet? Best time for a newborn session is when they are 7-10 days old. Best time to book and reserve your spot is when you are in your 2nd trimester! Message me now for more info!

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