If a Cake Gets Smashed in a Forest…

…does it still make a mess?

Yes. Most definitely, yes.

I was so excited about little Miah’s Smash & Splash session! Rugged forest theme? Bow ties? Cake shaped like a tree stump? Uh, yes please. And this little man did not disappoint, although he for sure made me work for it! This is not the first time I’ve had Miah in front of my camera. I fell in love with his sweet, shy grin during his families lavender field session. He made me work for the smiles then, too. But this time, I was prepared! I had cake on my side! Cheating? Maybe. Worth it? Totally.

Smash & Splash sessions are amazing! For me, every photoshoot with kiddos is awesome, but there’s something about a Smash & Splash that just completely sets them apart. While every one of these shoots that I’ve done is different and unique in it’s own way, there is a common theme flowing between them all. It’s the incredible range of emotions. I always take a few shots of the new toddler with just the background decorations before we break out the cake, so we can sort of get to know each other a little bit, and also have some super cute images for the parents the don’t involve frosting. I get some tentative and cautious grins, and there’s a lot of redirecting and putting the toddler back in the center. Then, comes the cake. This is where it gets fun! Each toddler is different; some are curious and looking to their parents for permission before carefully poking a finger into the icing. Others dive in with enthusiasm almost as soon as the cake is placed in front of them! It always ends the same- cake smashed in between chubby toes, tiny hands grasping big chunks, frosting all over the face. And the faces are the best. Watching their eyes light up with curiosity and then excitement. Their laughter is infectious, and parents can’t help but join in, watching their baby tearing it up with reckless abandon. And there’s me with my camera, clicking away and catching it all.

We wrap this session up with a milk bath, and trust me, there’s no better way to end a Smash session than with a Splash! Cake really does get everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Baby wipes just don’t get the job done and parents were left to use a sink to try to do a quick bath on a toddler that was less than cooperative after consuming unknown quantities of sugar! While baby cakes is slowly picking away at the cake, I set up for a warm milk bath. I move in a tub option that fits your preference or that of the setting, add some water and milk, and something special for your little one. Options are usually fruit, flowers, or cookies. All look amazing. Again, each session is different, but all babies are surprised at first, then fascinated with whatever is floating in the water. Big splashes are encouraged and made, then the crash from the sugar high comes. They slowly lean back and settle in, eating or playing with whatever items are in the water. Tiny toes freshly cleaned poke out of the tub. All traces of cake are wiped away, skin is left silky smooth from the milk bath, and toddler is thoroughly tuckered out and ready for a good nap.

Little Miah had a blast during all of this, and you can totally tell just by looking at the pictures! Even though some tears were shed (there are almost always a few tears), he was mostly shy and flirty smiles. Parents always ask me, “what if my kid doesn’t smile” and my answer is they always do. I may have to work a little harder to get them, but I always get smiles. It’s a Smash & Splash session! Smashing cake, splashing it up! What’s not to smile about?!

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